Saturday, April 15, 2017

Worst batch of world leaders I think than at any other time in my life. At the Kremlin, at Mar a Lago, at Pyongyang, Ankara, Venezuela, Philippines. What the hell is going on.

However there are a few very good leaders also, in Germany, Canada, at the EU, a few others. Hopefully they can keep a semblance of world order until humanity can vote these other bums out of office and get back to solving problems rather than creating them.

I believe by 2050 it's very possible to be 90% or more clean renewable energy. By 2050 to eliminate 90% or more of illness and disease. By 2050 clean water and nutritious diet for everyone on the planet and very good educational opportunities for every kid on the planet.

Of course these things require great leaders and global efforts. No time to waste. Lets get rid of these braggart narcissistic egomaniacal bums in America, Russia, North Korea, Turkey and other places and get competent world leaders in every nation.

The organizing and protesting needs to go global as well. If any nation is not allowing freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, fair elections, then those of us who have these freedoms must speak up and speak loudly, until these basic fundamental freedoms are not denied to anyone.

First I've really blogged in a while. Got it out of my system I'll get off my soapbox now : )